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2020-2021 Membership Form

2019 TriState ArkLaMiss Pecanference

Tri-State Program 2019

Littlepage Memorial Pecan Guesstimate 2019

Bock – Spraying Pecans For Disease

Dees – U.S. Pecan Growers Council 2019

Graham – Management Of Scab Resistant Varieties

McEachern – Pecan Roots And Nitrogen

Ott – Navigating The Trends Of Pecans

Ree – Hickory Shuckworm and Pecan Weevil

Sawyer – Herbicide Injury Of Pecan Trees


2019-05 Newsletter from LPGA

2018-07 Newsletter from LPGA

2018-06 Newsletter from LPGA

2018-03 Newsletter from LPGA

2017-02 Newsletter for LPGA


LPGA “Feed Your Heart” Brochure

Tips and Reminders for Disease Management

2018 TriState Archives

Tri-State Program 2018

Littlepage Pecan Crop Guesstimate 2018

Hamrick – A Systematic Approach for Wild Pig Removal

Lainio – The American Pecan – Marketing Impact Update

Stafne – A Review of Chilling Requirements for Pecans


Zhu – Pecan Production in China

Arn – 2018 TrisState Pecan Conference (Secured)

Kharel & Cason – Sustainable Practices to Mitigate Food Safety Risk and Utilize By-Product from Pecans

Layton – Insect Management in Mississippi Pecans

Ring – Prionus Root Borer and Walnut Caterpillar (website)

Gueck – Pecan Tree Crop Insurance Program

Melanson – A Review of Bunch Disease

Graham – Help! I’ve Got Pecan Problems!